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10 Days in Europe

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10 Days in Europe

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Publisher: Out of the Box Publishing
Product Code: OTB-1012
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10 Days in Europe

Europa Tour (copyright 2002) is possibly the first in the 10 Days in series while 10 Days in Europe is the third installment in the 10 Days in series. Gameplay All players pick tiles up one at a time, examining them and placing them onto any empty spot on their tile holders. Then, in turn, each player draws one tile and may replace one of their lined-up tiles with it. (Tiles may not be rearranged.) Tiles are drawn from one of the face-up discard piles or a face-down pile. The drawn card or replaced card is then discarded into one of the face-up piles. The first person to have all ten tiles satisfy the travel connection requirements wins. Connection requirements: By Foot If a country is next to or connected to another country on the map, their tiles may be placed side-by-side By Air Any two countries of the same color may be connected by an airplane of that color (its tile in between them) By Ship If two countries can be linked by ship a ship can connect them (a ship tile placed between them) Contents: 60/7 cardboard tiles - 40/8 country tiles, 9/10 ship tiles and 5 pairs of plane tiles (in 5 colours) 4 trip planners (tile holders) 1 game board showing a map of Europe, each country depicted in one of 5 colors Differences between Europa Tour and 10 Days in Europe Europa Tour has 5 face-up discard piles, a board with 40 countries, 40 country tiles and 10 identical ship tiles. A ship can connect 2 countries joined by a dashed line. 10 Days in Europe has 3 face-up discard piles, a board with 42 countries, 48 country tiles (6 duplicates), 4 Atlantic, 3 Mediterranean and 2 Baltic ship tiles. If a sea or ocean borders two countries, a ship can connect them.




"While I like all the games in the 10 Days Series, Europe is definitely my favorite. I like the ship connections and the using the ferries to connect countries." - BGG user Kristen McCarty

"Although all the 10 Days games are similar, the varying geography creates slightly different gameplay. I find Europe to be the most enjoyable." - BGG user Skup Skupper

"10 Days in Europe is a classic example of a game that delivers more than meets the eye. It is certainly a lot of fun and it has that addictive quality that sees people want to play 3-5 games in a row." - BGG user Neil Thomson


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Product Information
Designer Grafik Studio Krüger, Alan R. Moon, Aaron Weissblum
Number of Players 2-4
Official Recommended Age 10 years and above
Users' Recommended Age 8 years and above
Playing Time 30 minutes