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Risk 1959

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Publisher: Winning Moves
Product Code: WIN-1121
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Risk 1959

Risk 1959 by Winning Moves This Risk 1959 Board Game revamps the ultimate game of strategy and diplomacy. Featuring a vividly colored version of the original 1959 design, Risk is the timeless game that allows you to truly conquer the world! To win the game you must think strategically and use clever tactics to take over countries while negotiating with fellow world conquerors.

Its appeal is timeless because every game is a unique experience. You’ll need sound strategy and some luck plus great diplomacy. Make a misstep, and you’ll be wiped out. Make the “right moves” and you’ll conquer the world and win! Possibly the most popular, mass market war game. The goal is conquest of the world.

Each player's turn consists of: - gaining reinforcements through number of territories held, control of every territory on each continent, and turning sets of bonus cards. - Attacking other players using a simple combat rule of comparing the highest dice rolled for each side. Players may attack as often as desired. If one enemy territory is successfully taken, the player is awarded with a bonus card. - Moving a group of armies to another adjacent territory.




  • 2010 JoTa Best Game Released in Brazil Nominee



"The game CAN be fun and is always good to bust out of the closet (or bookcase, in my case) for those rare nights when nobody feels like doing anything else, but feels like doing something anyway." - BGG user Junjun Gonzaga

"Personally, I think that games like Risk are a real thrill - you sit on the edge of your seat wondering if Jim will follow our 'agreed' strategy or turn around and launch a full assault on you." - BGG user John Clark

"Risk, by contrast, is a free-for-all where you have no other option than to learn how to manage your opponents' chaotic responses to your actions." - BGG user Randy

Product Information
Designer Albert Lamorisse Michael I. Levin
Number of Players 2-6
Official Recommended Age 10 years and above
Users' Recommended Age 8 years and above
Playing Time 120 minutes
UPC 714043011212