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Publisher: R&R Games
Product Code: RR-420
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Having buried and protected your ill-gotten booty, it's time to send your crew to search for the treasures of the other scurvy pirates! Plunder® is a fun and exciting deduction game where players collect clues to piece together maps, disarm booby-traps, and go digging in search of buried treasure. Steal your opponents treasures and be the first to take your Plunder!

Plunder is a deduction card game in which everyone is a pirate captain with a buried treasure. Players attempt to steal the hidden treasures of the other captains by figuring out the three landmarks that mark where each treasure is hidden. The first player to a treasure takes the largest share, while those who reach it second or third receive less. Keeping your treasure from being stolen is also worth victory points in the end. Find and steal the most treasures first to win in the end!


"Excellent deduction game -and what's the best it's fast to play. I already own Code777, Black Vienna etc. but there is still room for this kind of fast (and easy enough) deduction game. Works perfect with gamers and also with families. Just wonderful! " BGG user Tero H.

"Slight rule change for a better game: You do not lose points for someone stealing your treasure - only for finding treasure. (We use the left over treasure as a tie breaker if necessary) " BGG user Felix Rodriguez

Product Information
Designer Jonathan Franklin
Number of Players 2-6
Official Recommended Age 10 years and above
Users' Recommended Age 8 years and above
Playing Time 30 minutes
UPC 631080134202