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Publisher: Z-Man Games
Product Code: ZMG-7061
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Game Description You and your hideous troll-friends have decided that it’s time for a career change. You are tired of guarding bridges and shaking down weary travelers all for the sake of a few clinking coins! Tolls are down, bandits are up, and besides, living under your bridge is damp and uncomfortable-—and breathing all that crumbling bridge mortar is taking a toll on your lungs... It’s time to venture forth and find some fresh sea air! In Trollhalla, you join forces with your fellow trolls to sail the seas in search of islands filled with pillage and plunder.

Crunchy livestock, nervous monks, panicked princesses, piles of gold, and casks of grog await you! But watch out for Billy Goats--if you’re not careful they will knock parts of your precious stolen cargo out of your boat! With so many goodies lying about on these islands, it feels like you’ve died and gone to troll heaven, or perhaps someplace even better -- Trollhalla! Object Players take turns placing trolls on the board. Trolls emerge from below each ship’s deck ready to plunder and scout the seas of Trollhalla!

Trolls placed on ships claim plunder from nearby islands when a ship sails. Trolls placed in the sea will scout for destinations and determine where these ships sail, and also award players cards that perform special actions. The player who uses his trolls to fill his private boat with the most valuable collection of plunder wins the game!




"Trollhalla will please both gamers and non-gamers. It is an extremely fun and approachable game with many quick yet interesting decisions per turn. Trollhalla has good player interaction as players jockey to manipulate Troll ship point to point movement paths and offset opponents' plans." - BGG user Paul Incao

"Yes, Trollhalla is awesomely fun. The smooth play, riotous theme and storybook art all combine effortlessly to provide an engaging and whimsical gaming session." - BGG user ckirkman

"The game is not a very heavy game but great fun to start your game night with." -  BGG user Sander Bol

Product Information
Designer Alf Seegert
Number of Players 2-4
Official Recommended Age 8 years and above
Users' Recommended Age 8 years and above
Playing Time 60 minutes
UPC 681706-07061-2