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Fast Flowing Forest Fellers

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Fast Flowing Forest Fellers

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Fast Flowing Forest Fellers 

Designer: Friedemann Friese
Publisher: Rio Grande
Number of players: 2 - 5
Official Recommended Age: 8 years and above
Users' Recommended Age: 6 years and above
Playing Time: 30 minutes

Publisher's Game Description: Daring lumberjacks meet at the river to begin their traditional contest of the fastest log riders. By skillful maneuvers they try to beat-out their competitors to get ahead in this running of the river. Sometimes you want to move ahead quickly and other times you want to block others in your race to be the first across the finish.



How To Play: The simple rules with playing a card and moving the lumberjack makes it a fast and fun game. The twist is that every player plays for 2 or 3 lumberjacks and has the cards for both (or the three) pawns in one shuffled pile, so everyone has to plan for all of his lumberjacks with his card hand. Watch video on the left by The Boardgame Family to see how it's being played! Rated 4.5 out of 5 by Jaden =) Read also this excellent pictorial review by Ender Wiggins

2009 Golden Geek Best Family Board Game Nominees
Reviews & Comments:
BGG EYE of NiGHT:"Surprisingly good game for such a simple mechanism. You play movement cards to send you people down river, bump logs and other people, and get pushed around by the currents and eddies. And that's the trick, negotiating these eddies succesfully, and bumping the others into time wasting whirlpools. Definitely play again, very quick to work out, very simple to learn. "

BGG Mike Ditchburn:"Fast fun light racing game that's easy to teach. Most of the fun in this game comes from sending other players floating back towards the starting line and trying to set up crazy chain reactions that push everyone all over the place. Great little filler game with attractive pieces and a fun theme."
BGG Jeremy Coe:"This is quickly becoming my families new favorite. My four-year-old can do just fine even. "

BGG Morgan Dontanville:"Light, fast, and fun. Neat hand management and movement optimization. Lots of interaction and screwage. Doesn't overstay its welcome. If you aren't into racing games there isn't anything here for you. There are no surprises in the design, but this is easy to pick-up and get on the table between games"

BGG Ender Wiggins:"This is a fantastic racing game from Friedemann Friese that doesn't seem to have as much publicity on BGG as it deserves. Great components, solid theme, easy to learn, and very fun to play - it has all the essential elements of being a terrific family game. Will your forest fellers (logging crew) make their way down their river before those of your opponents do? See my pictorial review. "

BGG David Short:"A diverse race game with a unique and lively theme. The game's length and difficulty is adjustable due to the copious river boards included. The fact that the game can be customized/adjusted to any given night's group is very attractive. It's a very versatile game to be enjoyed by all. This game has been widely accepted by casual gamers. Rating moves up"

BGG Bill Paradise:"This is a fun game that can be very cut-throat. I especially like the fact that you can build many different tracks to race on, which should keep the game fresh for a very long time"