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Word Q

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Word Q

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Product Code: CNG-1501
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WORDQ - The Jumbled Crossword Teaser
Publisher: Continuum Games
Number of players: 1 or more 
Publisher suggests: Ages 8 and above
Users suggest: Ages 8 and above
Playing time: 
Number of Cards: 40 puzzle cards + 45 letter tiles

Play by yourself or with others! The more the merrier, or perfect for a brain scratching solo game session. Makes a fantastic favor for the crossword lover! Love word games, love brain teasers? This innovative game set has both! Includes 40 different puzzles for fun that doesn’t stop! For ages 8+. Great for the early reader and for the more advanced with varying levels of difficulty, no one will ever feel left out! Make sure to get yours today, for a night of brain scratching fun, laughter, and learning in Word Q Jumbled Crossword Brainteaser, every Crossword Puzzle lovers must have family game! 
FUN! CHALLENGING!: If word games in your thing, this is a must have addition to the family game collection. Enjoy a night of challenging, wholesome fun with this head scratching brain teaser!

GREAT FOR READERS:Do you and your kids love to read and write? Word Q Jumbled Crossword Brain Teaser is the perfect game for you! Super fun and challenging crossword game!

EDUCATION: A game to make any teacher and parent proud, your kids can learn challenging words with friendly competition and fun for the whole family! Various levels allow for challenging gameplay!

FEATURES: Great for the brain teaser in you! Become a spelling bee champ in no time after hours of fun and thrilling puzzles. All will be sure to have a wonderful game night!

ALL AGES: This wonderful jumbled crossword brainteaser is a cool mix of a wordgame, a crossword puzzle, and a brainteaser all in one! 40 great puzzles allow for varying difficulty.              

My First Games : The best toy store and board game store in Singapore! We sell boardgames and toys that even adults have fun playing. This encourages parents to spend more time with their children, having fun! Even better, when parents play board games with their children, the children are engaged, they learn to listen to and abide by rules, and their concentration span is lengthened. Just play with your kids, already! 
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