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Best Treehouse Ever

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Best Treehouse Ever

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Brand: Selecta Spielzeug
Product Code: KG-3320
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Designer: Scott Almes
Publisher: Kanga Games
Number of players: 2 to 4 players
Publisher suggests: Ages 8 and above
Users suggest: Ages 7 and above
Playing time: 30 minutes

72 Treehouse Room cards
4 Starting Tree cards
8 Wooden Balance/Scoring Acorns
6 Round Scoring cards
4 Game Changer cards
1 Scoreboard
Rules of Play
Also includes bonus expansion pack: 6 Bonus Scoring cards

Have you ever dreamed of building a super awesome treehouse? Well, now it’s time to live that dream! In this fast-playing and easy to learn game, compete against your opponents to build the best treehouse in the neighborhood. Outfit your treehouse with the coolest rooms, all while making sure your tree doesn't tip over... and that your rooms are the most impressive at the end of the game. Building takes place over three weeks, and at the end of the third week the winner will be the player with the Best Treehouse Ever!

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