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Friday the 13th

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Friday the 13th

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Brand: Wizards of the Coast
Product Code: IEL-00037
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Designer: Reiner Knizia
Publisher: iello
Number of players: 3 to 6 players
Publisher suggests: Ages 8 and above
Users suggest: Ages 7 and above
Playing time: 30 minutes
Contents: 50 bad luck cards, 3 rule cards
  • 2006 Golden Geek Best Family Board Game Nominee
  • 2006 Golden Geek Best Kids' Board Game Nominee
  • 2006 Golden Geek Best Light / Party Game Nominee
  • 2009 Fairplay À la carte Winner
FRIDAY THE 13TH: a simple and clever game, perfect for the family. On your turn, simply put a card on the corresponding pile (cats, ladders, mirrors). If the sum excess 13, you take those cards and each one is worth 1 bad luck point - no good ;) But at the end of the round, if you managed to gather more cards of a suit than any other player, you get rid of them!
Bad omens are all around you! Whether it’s black cats walking in front of you, walking under ladders or breaking mirrors, you will want to play your cards smartly to avoid all the back luck... or risk gathering as much bad luck as possible to pass the curse on to your adversaries and ruin their hands! And watch out for the “13th” cards because they are always bad luck. Friday the 13th is a simple and clever push-your-luck card game of tough luck - while practicing your math!

In Friday the 13th, also available over the years as Poison and Baker's Dozen, players try to avoid bad luck by not taking cards from the central playing area each round. The more you take, the worse your score — unless you manage to take the most of one suit, in which case you get to throw those cards away!

In a round, each player gets a hand of cards, with the cards coming in three suits that have values from 1 to 7 and a fourth "joker" suit in which all the cards have a value of 4. On a turn, a player discards a card from her hand onto a pile of the appropriate color (with jokers being playable on any pile) and gives the sum of all cards now in that pile. If the sum is higher than 13, then the player must first take all of the cards already in the pile, leaving only her card behind.

The round ends once all the cards have been played, then players compare how many cards they have in each of the three suits; whoever has the most cards throws them away, while everyone else scores 1 penalty point per card. Each joker is worth 2 penalty points. Whoever has the fewest penalty points after each player has started a round once wins!

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