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Brand: Ludonaute
Product Code: WIN-1012
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Designer: Edgar cayce, Harry Gavitt, George S. Parker
Publisher: Winning Moves Games
Number of players: 3 to 8 players
Publisher suggests: Ages 7 and above
Users suggest: Ages 7 and above
Playing time: 30 minutes

Shout your deal and trade your cards to ''corner'' the market. Be the first to get all the cards of one commodity, slap the ''Corner!'' board and you'll win the hand. 

There are as many suits as there are players, and all the cards are dealt out at the start of each round. When the trading begins, players offer sets of cards to each other in the hopes of completing a set for themselves. If you're successful, you ring the (optional)bell and yell out, "Corner on wheat!" (or whatever your commodity is). You then score points depending on which it was - some are more valuable than others. Two cards labeled Bull and Bear may be used to add wild/penalty cards to the gameplay.


"Pit works. Pit is fun. And Pit is more than just a party game. Pit is a game that makes any gathering a party" - BGG user Lowell Kempf

"Pit is a wonderful family game that most anyone can enjoy. I do highly recommend buying a copy that includes the bell. I also highly recommend card holders for the children as it can be difficult for them to hold 9 cards in their hand." - BGG user Larry Welborn

"This game gets five stars on the gameguy scale, as it corners the market on family fun" - BGG user Jeff Myers

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