Gobblet EU

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Gobblet EU

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Gobblet EU

Designer: Thierry Denoual
Publisher: Blue Orange Games
Number of players: 2 players
Publisher suggests: Ages 7 and above
Users suggest: Ages 7 and above
Playing time: 20 minutes
Number of Cards: Zero

  • Oppenheim Platinum Award
  • Parents’ Choice Silver Award
  • Dr. Toy 10 Best Games

Gobblet EU is the same game as Gobblet - just that Gobblet EU was released for the European market and has a different colour scheme. 

Gobblet EU

Gobblet is an abstract game played on a 4x4 grid with each of the two players having twelve pieces that can nest on top of one another to create three stacks of four pieces. Your goal in Gobblet is to place four of your pieces in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row. Your pieces start nested off the board. On a turn, you either play one exposed piece from your three off-the-board piles or move one piece on the board to any other spot on the board where it fits. A larger piece can cover any smaller piece. A piece being played from off the board may not cover an opponent's piece unless it's in a row where your opponent has three of his color.

Your memory is tested as you try to remember which color one of your larger pieces is covering before you move it. As soon as a player has four like-colored pieces in a row, he wins — except in one case: If you lift your piece and reveal an opponent's piece that finishes a four-in-a-row, you don't immediately lose; you can't return the piece to its starting location, but if you can place it over one of the opponent's three other pieces in that row, the game continues.

NOTE: Version of the Gobblet shown in the video below is NOT Gobblet EU, but it is the same game and played in the same way. Please refer to the picture above for how Gobblet EU looks like.


"Gobblet is a nice looking game, with short, simple gameplay that masks a decent amount of strategy. Tic-Tac-Toe this is not, as players who come in flippantly will find themselves decimated by a careful, wiser opponent. Some people may not like the memory element – and indeed, if you don’t you should probably steer away – but for those who like a game that really meets the requirements of “a minute to learn, a lifetime to master”, then this one certainly meets the requirements." - Tom Vasel - read the complete review here.

"This game strengthens your mind in a short fun game." - BGG user William Helbringer

"I find it truly challenging, and enjoy the thinking involved in managing my pieces and attempting to achieve victory. " - BGG user Greg Schloesser

"The best part about Gobblet is you can get anyone to play it." - BGG user Jake

"My youngest son was really into puzzles, mind games, and games by age 3. He drove me crazy wanting to play with them over and over. I needed variety, and scoured stores for things we could play that he could understand and I wouldn't go crazy playing. This was a good one. A more complex tic tac toe." - BGG user Royastern

Download Rules Here!