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Duck Duck Bruce 2nd Edition

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Duck Duck Bruce 2nd Edition

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Brand: Kanga Games
Product Code: KG-3060-2
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A simple push-your-luck card game with mechanics similar to Can't Stop. Players reveal cards from the draw pile one at a time, and may stop at any point and collect the cards into their score pile. However, if two fish of the same type are revealed, the player loses those cards and all cards in between, as well as forfeiting his turn. An octopus card when revealed also will end the turn and cost the player the other cards turned up on that turn, but allows the player to attemt to steal cards from another player's score pile. Only the biggest fish of a type in a player's pile count for scoring purposes. Game is to 77 points (perhaps this is a nice, round number in Germany).


  • Dr. Toy's Best Product Award Winner
  • Creative Child Magazine Seal of Excellence Award
  • Canadian Toy Testing Council *** (Highest Rating)
  • Parenting Magazine Mom-Tested Toy of the Year
  • Parents' Choice Approved
  • National Parenting Center Seal of Approval



"This is a fun, easy to teach, easy to play game." - BGG user Cyrus Kirby (fathergeek)

"Duck Duck Bruce is a lot of fun. I really enjoy press your luck type games." - BGG user Kevin Michaelis

"It should not go without mention that Duck Duck Bruce is a great game to help kids aged 6-10 practice their counting and adding skills." - BGG user Neil Thomson

Download Rules Here