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High Society

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High Society

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Brand: Selecta Spielzeug
Product Code: KG-HS
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The Game of Fate, Fame and Fortune

High Society is the exciting bidding and bluffing card game from master game designer Reiner Knizia. Compete with other “new money” millionaires as you bid to secure the most lavish and luxurious possessions. But beware of the tax man and your gambling habit, as they may force you into financial ruin! Be the one with the most valuable possessions at the end of the game and become the most prominent member of High Society!

Have you ever imagined living the life of someone rich and glamorous? With millions of dollars at your disposal, think of all the amazing luxuries you could own! How about a private jet? A basketball team? Or even your very own island? In this Reiner Knizia classic, now's your chance to experience just a small taste of this high class lifestyle. However, don’t spend your fortune too frivolously and manage your finances well, or your dream could come to an end just as quickly as it had begun!

55 Money Cards
10 Luxury Possession Cards
3 Success Cards
3 Misfortune Cards
Rules of Play

Watch Tom Vasel's review of the game High Society in this video below. Please note that the edition we are selling is the Kanga Games edition, and not the edition shown in the video below. The gameplay is the same, just published by a  different publisher, that's all.


Ages Ages 10 and Up
Players 3 - 5 Players
Playing Time 30 minutes
Publisher Kanga Games

Reiner Knizia